Hungarian Society of Criminology

2024. May 1.


In March 2024, the Hungarian Society of Criminology held a General Assembly, during which the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee of the Society were renewed.

Prof. Dr. Balázs Gellér became the Chairman of the Audit Committee, while András Nemes and András Turi became members of the Audit Committee.

The members elected the following officers. Honorary President: Katalin Gönczöl, President: Dávid Vig, Secretary General: Éva Inzelt, members of the Board of Directors: Tünde Barabás, Erika Csemáné Váradi, Ádám Dési, Titanilla Fiáth, Géza Finszter, Erzsébet Hatvani, Zsófia Ivanics, Klára Kerezsi, Lili Krámer, Miklós Lévay, Veronika Pázsit, Ágnes Solt, Judit Szabó, Veronika Szontagh.








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