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2024. April 26.


In March 2024, Dr. Éva Lukács Gellérné prepared a manuscript entitled "European Health Data Space" for the law journal EU Law Online which deals with the rules of the newly approved EU regulation ont he EHDS and which will be the first academic paper in Hungary to deal with the latest developments of the EHDS at the European level. The article is expected to be published in June 2024.

Dr. Éva Lukács Gellérné participated in the conference "Innovation, Management, Healthcare" on 25 April 2024, organised by the Hungarian Healthcare Management Society, the Centre for Healthcare Management Training and the Neumann János Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. with the professional support of the Hungarian Healthcare Management Association (  ). The conference covered a wide range of topics, from data-driven healthcare innovation to healthcare cybersecurity and data-driven developments in the national healthcare sector.

The conference pioneered the importance of data in healthcare, with interesting presentations on the interconnection of several disciplines (informatics, mathematics, medicine, economics and law).

During the conference the publication of the IME's special issue on 'Digital Health' was published which includes a selection of articles in English and Hungarian.

Presentations were given by a number of experts, including experts from the National Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence, the National Laboratory for Health Security and the Rényi Alfréd Mathematical Research Institute, on important topics such as digital transformation in healthcare and health IT developments. A number of database models are already available which, once big data is available, will immediately be able to process the data and make predictions. For example, a blood test result can not only map the health status of a person but can be used to predict the future health status of the person based on different algorythms. Valuable information can be accessed at .

Dr. Éva Lukács Gellérné, as a lawyer, was particularly interested in the last session, which dealt with the health and pharmaceutical industry and was moderated by Professor Péter Gaál, Editor-in-Chief of the IME journal. Dr. Magdolna Kádár (Ministry of Interior) spoke on health policy and data use issues, Prof. Dr. Péter Gaál (EMK) on data-driven health and artificial intelligence as a systemic capability.

Dr. Tamás Parapatics (National Centre for Public Health and Pharmacy) spoke on data-driven drug development.

Particularly interesting was the presentation of Prof. Dr. Georgi Chaltikyan, Programme Leader of the Master in Digital Health at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, who spoke about the digital transformation of healthcare in Germany. It should be pointed out that in Germany there has been a Master's programme in higher education specifically dedicated to digital health for almost 10 years.

Dr. Éva Lukács Gellérné would like to thank Ms Lívia Lengyel (MEMT-IME Portfolio Director) for the opportunity to participate in the conference.







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