Extradition symposium in Italy

2024. July 2.

Hungarian Society of Criminology

2024. May 1.


In March 2024, the Hungarian Society of Criminology held a General Assembly, during which the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee of the Society were renewed.

Prof. Dr. Balázs Gellér became the Chairman of the Audit Committee, while András Nemes and András Turi became members of the Audit Committee.

Health data

2024. April 26.


In March 2024, Dr. Éva Lukács Gellérné prepared a manuscript entitled "European Health Data Space" for the law journal EU Law Online which deals with the rules of the newly approved EU regulation ont he EHDS and which will be the first academic paper in Hungary to deal with the latest developments of the EHDS at the European level. The article is expected to be published in June 2024.

EU crisis lecture

2024. April 18.

EU international conference

2024. March 29.


On 11-12 April 2024, the Law School of ELTE will organise a major international conference to mark the 20th anniversary of EU accession, which will be co-organised by Dr. Balázs Gellér. The conference language is English. It will cover a wide range of criminal law issues, including the Russian-Ukrainian war, money laundering, the European Arrest Warrant, fair trial and the current challenges facing the Internal Market.  

The conference is still open for registration. 

More information can be downloaded here:

Lecture in Ireland

2024. March 25.


Prof. Dr. Balázs Gellér has once again lectured at Ireland's top-ranked Law School, University College Cork, where he has been invited back after a successful first lecture in October 2023. In his lecture, he spoke on EU criminal law, covering its establishment, evolution and recent developments, including the European Arrest Warrant and the changes brought about by the European Public Prosecutor's Office.  

Speech at the Constitutional Court

2024. March 1.


Dr. Balázs Gellér gave a lecture at the Constitutional Court on the Day of Lawyers on the legal institution of the substitute private prosecution on 29 February 2024. In his presentation, he discussed the issues of danger to society, European law implications and the links with the European Public Prosecutor's Office.


Clemency and amendment of the Fundamental Law

2024. February 26.


Following the events of the last few days in public law, several legal experts have expressed their views on the amendment of the Fundamental Law. Index.hu also interviewed Dr. Balázs Gellér in this context. 

Successful constitutional complaint

2024. January 12.

20 years in the EU

2023. November 27.


On 30 November 2023, the Hungarian Economic Association (MKT) Labour Section will organise an online conference entitled 'Experiences of Hungarian labour mobility, future prospects - 20 years in the European Union'. Dr. Éva Lukács Gellérné will give a presentation on the free movement of labour in European integration - the right to free movement and employment-related rights (in Hungarian language).

More information and registration here:







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