2023. February 21.


The English language laudatio of Professor Balázs Gellér that has been prepared in honour of Professor Károly Bárd has been published in the ELTE Law Journal. It can be downloaded here: 


Indexation of family benefits

2023. February 21.

Conference on Prosecution

2022. September 30.


On 30 September 2022, Dr. Balázs Gellér participated in the conference entitled 'The place of the Prosecutor's Office in the justice system' as a speaker. The title of his presentation was: Some prosecutorial rights in the light of the judgments of the European Court of Justice. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Law, PPKE Universtiy, Saint II. Paul Conference Room, the program covered many topics, the speakers were prosecutors, judges and university lecturers.   

Lippay György Scholarship

2022. September 17.


The goal of the György Lippay Foundation is to make studies at the ELTE Faculty of Law possible for students with outstanding academic results and in financial need with a grant of HUF 700,000 each. The Gellér és Bárányos Law Firm considers it important to support talents in need, and therefore undertakes the costs of one student. In this academic year 16 students are supported, the number of supporters is gradually growing. 

ELTE Pro Universitate Memorial Medal gold level

2022. September 9.

Present and future of EU citizenship

2022. September 5.


Dr. Éva Lukács Gellérné will hold a presentation on the 9th of September 2022 at the International conference  'Present and future of EU citizenship' that is organised by the Faculty of Law,  Pázmány Péter Catholic University, in the Aula Magna of the Faculty. The title of her presentation is  "Patients’ mobility – enhanced rights of Union citizens in light of the recent case law of the European Court of Justice". The conference is open to all, more information is available at: 

Dr. Bárányos's book presentation

2022. July 5.

German lecture of Dr. Éva Lukács Gellérné

2022. June 2.

Kis Norbert Festive Volume

2022. May 17.

Bárd Károly Festive Volume

2022. May 9.


On May 9, 2022, the presentation of the festive volume of Dr. Károly Bárd was held in the Small Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Balázs Gellér greeted Károly Bárd on his 70th birthday, and his article entitled 'Unmodern Reflection on Nietzsche, Power and the State' was published in Part 1 of the Festive Volume (pages 61 to 74). The volume is published by L’Harmattan Publishing House.

Date and time: 9 May 2022 (Monday).







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